IPhone 5 Armband

The iPhone 5 has been around for almost a year now and was an upgrade to the iPhone 4S. With its many updates and endless apps the iPhone 5 is an excellent phone for almost anything one can throw at it. Throughout its many incarnations it remained very popular among sports fanatics, business people and even toddlers who love to play games. It’s also proved invaluable for people who just like to work out because of its apps for exercise and the ability to play music. The phone itself is a marvel in software and engineering, but finding a case to hold it when working out was difficult.

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There are many bands, belts and cases to hold phones, but for doing strenuous exercises and high activity a band that wrap around the arm just makes sense. There are many bands and cases on the market and also made from many different materials from plastic to leather. The new Stalion® Slim-Fit Armband for the iPhone 5 is a perfect choice. It has many useful features and specifications and can be used for almost any type of sporting activity.


  • Lightweight and Comfortable for intense workouts
  • Headphone Plug for listening to music
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 5 series
  • Soft Nylon/Neoprene Design
  • Nonstick when sweating
  • Lifetime Warranty

The product is adjustable and will fit almost any arm out there and with the type of material it’s made out of is ideal for people who do sports and sweat a lot. It is also very comfortable and easy to clean and take care of. The case also has a clear plastic front that allows for easy access when working out or playing sports to answer a call or text message or change the music. The Armband for the iPhone 5 is not only good for sports persons, but is also good for persons who do training or in high activity workplaces. Although this is a great product there are also many alternatives on the market. The armband is a good idea and great for use with the iPhone, had it been able to use on the elbow or bicep would have made it better, especially when having to do exercises that require constant motion. It also would have benefitted from being waterproof or being able to protect the phone from excessive moisture.

The Armband also only comes in one color another downside as the IPh0one 5 now comes with several color variations. Although these are downsides the biggest would be the bulky size, to use on the arm the size would make it a bit awkward. This although a cosmetic problem is no big issue as the cost of the product makes it worth it alone. It is only $9.99 and a great value that can more than make it worth the cost to overlook the issues. The product isn’t going to win any awards in design but it is a good lightweight Armband to hold an IPhone 5 while working out or doing exercises.